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“Crypsis” Aerial Performance Art Video

A while back we collaborated Aerial artist and choreographer Meghan Yeche on a beautiful piece of performance art entitled “Cypsis”. Accoding to Yeche “Crypsis is an adaptation by an organism to avoid detection by way of camouflage or mimicry. Many mimics elicit an ominous archetype from the collective unconscious.”

Middlebranch Productions, Inc.’s Bill Holland acted as DP, with Alan Whitney and Nando Alejandro acting as Camera Operators for the shoot.

View the whole Video here (click the gear in the lower right corner for HD playback):

Starring Leah Benson
Body Artist Amy Joiner
Composer Michael Karouzos

Producer/Director Meghan Yeche
Co-Producer/Co-Director Blake Hauschild
Editor Jason Kaplan
Director of Photography Bill Holland
Cameramen Nando Alejandro, Alan Whitney

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